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Anastasia Zolotarev


My name is Anastasia Zolotarev and I’m based in Sydney, Australia.

I started ByAna because I wanted to combine my love for food, it’s connection to lifestyle and travel and creating content. Here you will find weekly recipes and articles + videos about food, travel and lifestyle topics.

Having previously worked in marketing and loving it I felt I wanted to create something myself. So I decided to change everything and follow my passion for food. I had the most amazing opportunity to take part in Masterchef Australia 2016. This past year I’ve learnt the biggest lesson of all and that is to just do it!

I have always loved cooking. I was born in Belarus & lived in Ukraine up until the age of 5 when my family and I moved to Australia. I think the change and access to such a variety of food cultures mixed with my heritage created a big impact on the way I looked at ingredients, flavours and the story behind food. Now I still love learning about where produce comes from, how it’s grown and how it can benefit us! I truly believe cooking and a good relationship with food can bring real happiness and balance in life.   

Work with me

I offer the following services:

  • Food styling
  • Food and lifestyle photography
  • Recipe development
  • Food writing
  • Content creation and consulting

If you would like to work or collaborate with me please contact me by email.

Email: info@byana.com.au