Blini with smoked salmon and dill

We had these blini for brunch during Orthodox Easter last weekend and I thought I’d share a quick guide to show you just another variation of how these can be served! I recently posted a breakfast recipe for these blini (and the way you make the blini/crepes) which you can find directly in this link here follow through to that link to get a good outline on how to make the base. The rest is simple and all you need to do is top them with a few ingredients. I like to have these either for brunch or as an appetiser at dinner or lunch gatherings..and I also serve them as an appetiser during my cooking workshops!

Here is my guide for how to top these and some variations…

Use some type of seafood protein such as, smoked salmon or trout, cured gravlax with dill or beetroot (you can find my recipe for this here), fish roe, smoked river trout, baked leftover salmon or trout.

Add a type of cheese of some sort such as, a soft goats curd/chevre, a spreadable cream fraiche or other cream cheese, any other sort of soft white cheese.

Top your blini with fresh dill, fennel fronds or parsley (I highly recommend dill) and also add either red or white onion.

Add a good squeeze of lemon juice all over if you have lemons 🙂



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