Christmas prawns

Fresh, summery and juicy Christmas prawns! So effortless but flavoursome and light a plateful of prawns is for Christmas lunch or dinner. Here I’ve used wild ocean prawns (always opt for wild fish where you can – just ask the fishmonger), the sweetness of these prawns was just incredible. Crunchy iceberg lettuce thats cool and refreshing as well as a creamy avocado dip work perfectly for a simple seafood finger food recipe. Who else will be having prawns on Christmas day this year?

Recipe: Prawns with creamy avocado dressing and iceberg lettuce

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: n/a

Serves: 4-6 as a share platter

Sweet and juicy king prawns are a must on Christmas, and this is a great way to enjoy them with a creamy avocado dressing and crunchy iceberg lettuce! Serve the prawns peeled and already placed in the iceberg lettuce leaves with the avocado dressing for a simple and refreshing finger food option otherwise just serve the king prawns directly on a large platter with the extras on the side.


1.2 – 1.5 kg cooked king prawns

2 x ripe avocadoes (seed and skin removed, diced)

1 x lime (juiced)

2 x tbsp yoghurt

1 x 2 tsp salt (Himalayan or other fine salt)

1 x iceberg lettuce

Optional extras:

hot sauce



  1. In a food processor place the avocadoes, lime juice, yoghurt and salt. Process until the avocado mixture is creamy and thick. Place into a jar or small bowl for serving.
  2. Remove the end of the iceberg lettuce and separate each lettuce leaf. Rinse and dry the leaves.
  3. Serve the prawns on a large plate with a side of the lettuce leaves and the avocado dressing. Use the lettuce leaves as ‘cups’ and place either 1 or 2 prawns in each lettuce cup as well as some of the creamy avocado dressing.



  • You can prepare the avocado dressing and the leaves prior just make sure to refrigerate until serving with the prawns so everything stays fresh.
  • You can serve the prawns with the skin on or already peeled.

Recipe created for Harris Farm Markets

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