04 Jan 2017

Carriageworks farmers market

Last week I went to the Carriageworks Christmas Market. We were there from start to finish…we didn’t want it to end!

03 Jan 2017

Summer Roadtrip

Happy New Year!!

This week we had a week off so decided to go for a road trip along the north coast of NSW. We drove about 8 hours north from Sydney during which we stopped off at different destinations. This is what we got up to!

21 Dec 2016

DIY Christmas ornaments

Happy Wednesday guys! Last night I made these walnut Christmas ornaments which I think is such a good little activity to do during Christmas time. It’s so lovely just to sit down and get crafty.

28 Nov 2016

Dinner at Pilu Restaurant

Pilu at Freshwater is a gem in the Northern beaches area of Sydney. Providing both a traditional Sardinian menu and a modern menu with the backdrop of the ocean and surfers catching waves in the distance, this restaurant is light, summery and refreshing.

26 Nov 2016

Food Guide to Seville

Everyone loves to eat out in Seville. It’s the sunshine, it’s the culture, it’s the only way it can be, because people there love to live well..and that means with a cold cerveza in hand and a good plate of jamon on the side.

21 Nov 2016

Living and Travelling in Seville

When I was 22 I went to live in Spain. There are things in life that for some reason we are drawn to. I felt this way for a good few years before going. I knew that I had to go there.

15 Nov 2016

Eating Paella in Mallorca

We didn’t come all the way to Mallorca to miss out on the experience of eating a Paella cooked with fire. As soon as we got there, we booked a table at Sa Foradada!

08 Nov 2016

Exploring Mallorca

Another trip to Spain, another Island to visit! Mallorca is beyond beautiful.

28 Oct 2016

Milan and beyond


The first time I came to this city I didn’t understand it. I came in summer with my good friend as we were travelling around Europe during our University break.

18 Oct 2016

How to host a winter lunch

Winter is a season I’ve learnt to love. It’s the time to slow down, as nature and the rest go to sleep there is always a sense of calm, less noise, less movement.