Plum jam

Since we are still in stone fruit season I thought I’d make some plum jam. I can’t share how good this plum jam is – and while we are still in stonefruit season I’ll continue making this jam! These beautiful plums are from Harris Farm Markets turned into two jars of plum jam. If you’re doing long term jam preserving then I would add more sugar to make sure the jam stands over time. I like an equal balance of sweet to sour so if you feel you need more sugar just do so! This jam will last about a few weeks for us but really it could last in your fridge for many months…nothing really does compare to freshly made jam that you can create yourself. In this recipe I’ve just used two ingredients – no water or lemon juice.

Recipe for plum jam


Makes 2 jars 

10 large plums (very ripe) – if you’re going to use less ripe plums, either give them a few days to ripen before cooking or use them but do add more sugar + add a bit more cooking time

1/2 cup brown/raw sugar


  1. Rinse, halve and deseed the plums and slice each piece in half again to make quarters. Keep the skin on as it contains natural pectin that will slightly thicken the jam along with the sugar. In a pot place the plums and add the sugar, coat the sugar all around the plums and let them stand for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally (this will help release more of the natural plum juice before you cook them).
  2. Transfer the pot to a hot stove and bring to the boil, then reduce and cook the plums on a medium heat, stirring until the sugar is completely melted. Continue to cook with an open lid for 15-20 minutes – during this time you will see the plums will break down from the heat and the sugar. Sterilise your jars and fill them with the jam, close with a lid and allow to cool.


Store away in the pantry or fridge – if you open a jar always store it in the fridge. The amount of sugar is completely up to you – if you’re using less I’d then just store the jam in the fridge as the large amount of sugar helps preserve the plums.



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