Carriageworks farmers market

January 4, 2017

Last week I went to the Carriageworks Christmas Market. We were there from start to finish…we didn’t want it to end!

I got there 20 minutes early and waited before they let us all in (I was on a mission to get some last minute good quality ham). I went directly to buy the Christmas ham from Linga Longa Farm … their pork is pasture raised. As soon as that was done I left it at the stall and went on to explore all the delicious things that were on offer. In addition to the regular stall holders that are there every Saturday, it was great to see new food and veg stalls around. The whole place was vibrant with a festive energy and something that I always love about these markets, they always have incredible producers that you can chat to directly! We spent the afternoon and evening just drinking, eating, and basking in the golden sun. We found a little spot in the corner that we kept coming back to with all the tasty plates and drinks all night.


Kylie Kwongs pork buns with that incredible chilli sauce (LOVE IT) and the silky dumplings. As well as paella by Alex Herbert made with fresh peas, mint, cloudy bay clams and prawns – that was light, fresh and I want the recipe!


Coconut rum cocktails and espresso martinis


Christmas ham, truffle salami, smoky bacon, eggplant relish and pink peonies!

Carriageworks farmers markets are on every Saturday morning and in addition they hold extra foodie markets at different times of the year, like this Christmas market.