Food and wine tour of Tasmania

February 23, 2017

A few days ago I finally went to visit Tasmania with my Grandma. We used to do these little trips around every year and hadn’t done one for quite a while so thought it was about time. I had heard from everyone Tassie is incredible and great for fresh produce and wine. So it was nice to see what everyone talked about!

It’s hard to fit Tasmania in four days of travel of course, but we tried our best! Based in the north in Launceston we made our way around the Tamar Valley for a wine and then food tour with Tamar Valley Winery Tours. Jill our guide was lovely and showed us more than just food and wine, she showed us many different sites and towns and gave us a good background story of each. It’s always great to having someone local show you around!

The wine tour led us to four different wineries in the Tamar Valley. We started off at Iron Pot Bay Vineyard where we had a wine tasting and the most delicious lunch (Photo below of the Pork pie with pinot jelly, potato salad, rye bread, pickles and more). We then went on to do a really extensive wine tasting at  Holm Oak Vineyards – their wines were delicious. We tried a Pinot Gris that really stood out in particular which had pear, floral, clean flavours. Our third stop led us to Swinging Gate which was amazing! Doug the owner, their cellar door and nellie the pup were extremely inviting. We sat at a long communal table and tasted their delicious wines, I brought their Sparkling wine back home with me and will definitely enjoy it this weekend. I didn’t want to leave Swinging gate winery! But of course, we all wanted to see more of the wineries in the Tamar Valley. So then we finished off at Moores Hill where you literally do the tasting right next to the grapes and vineyard. It was truly beautiful. I would recommend visiting the Tamar Valley when in Tasmania and check out their official wine route here when planning your visits.

The next day we visited Hobart where I caught up with Con from Masterchef. He has opened an incredible space Born in Brunswick in north hobart but unfortunately it was a Monday and they were closed so I couldn’t try their brunch dishes! But I did get to catch up with him and meet their head chef Josh – who was prepping some delicious looking salmon. I spent the rest of the time walking around Hobart and amazed by how much it reminds of Scandinavia. I can’t wait to go back and dine on the waterfront there.

On our final day we met up with Jill again from Tamar Valley Winery Tours but this time she was giving us a food tour. As you can imagine, I was very excited. Our first stop was just by chance at Forager Providore and I took some of their dried blueberry powder home. We then visited 41 degrees south – a salmon farm, as well as Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe where we had lunch (their chocolate coated raspberries are a must to take home) but unfortunately they don’t allow you to visit their berry fields.  We then went over to Van Diemends Land Creamery where they had great ice cream made right there using some Tassie ingredients – I tried their whisky ice cream and their leatherwood honey and pepper berry one. They were also making a plum syrup ice cream which I would have loved to try! Ah wish I had that place close to me! We then went on a scenic drive through cute little towns and visited Melita Honey Farm and this place is a must! It’s a family owned business and Fanny and Lida are super lovely! They developed a honey farm quite some time ago and now produce even more artisanal products with honey as the base, still using their old family recipes. Their store also has a whole museum section on bees and honey, as well as some incredible beeswax products.

We finished the food tour by visiting Ashgrove cheese where I got to taste lots of cheese – my favourite.

Now I’m editing this post and eating some Sapphire blue sheeps cheese that I picked up in Hobart from Grandvewe cheese.

There are still so many places to visit in Tasmania and I will be back soon but for now I’m pretty happy with a getting a good taste of what it has to offer 🙂


Stillwater Restaurant

Swinging Gate Winery

Scenic drive through Tamar Valley

Iron pot Winery

Moores Hill Winery

Van Diemens Creamary

Melita Honey Farm

Salmon Farm

They also have hazelnuts and ginseng growing

Ocean trout with Raspberry Hollandaise at the Raspberry Farm