Our Moroccan Honeymoon

September 27, 2017

Our Moroccan honeymoon adventure began in Marrakech. The colours, the intense heat, and the sounds of the medina were very much around us as soon as our taxi dropped us off from the airport. To get to our hotel we had to walk past shops, traditional bakeries, tiny alleyways and through a very small door to find our little riad.

Leaving Spain was hard, we spent the few days after our wedding with friends and family and honestly, could have stayed another week! I spent the final few days completely high from happiness and disbelief, as we continued the wedding celebrations. Our flight to Marrakech was from Seville and we spent the very last night in the city where Antonio and I met eating tapas and drinking cerveza in one of the many courtyards of this city with some friends (pretty utterly exhausted from emotions). We left Seville sadly but so so soo content and excited for our Moroccan adventure.

For our honeymoon we wanted something close to Spain but different to what we’ve seen before, so thats why we chose Morocco. As we drove in a taxi to the medina of Marrakech, different it was. Straight away the colours of sand and palm trees were everywhere, like a beautiful oasis.

Our Moroccan adventure began in one of the MANY riads of Marrakech. There are literally thousands of these around the city and each one of them is slightly different. Riads are the hotels of the medina, and they are traditional houses built around a central courtyard. These beautiful courtyards are always tranquil. Some have mini plunge pools, others have fruit and herb gardens, fountains and seating areas. These courtyards are also normally where breakfast is served, and where you can generally just laze around.

I’ve made up a whole list of the places we stayed at at the very bottom of this post with links to every hotel website…and I would stay at all of them again, they were just so so gorgeous and really with so much character and luxury (yet reasonably priced). 


We got lost in the medina over the next couple days, there was just so much to explore and so many beautiful walls, shops, cafes and restaurants to visit. But the hustle and bustle of Marrakech was CRAZY, on top of the heat and the very confusing sometimes intense atmosphere of the medina, we could only handle 2 nights spent in the Medina.

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Most shots were taken on my Canon EOS 700D but I also included some Iphone photos

(The most beautiful little riad in Marrakech …one of the many thousands and the first one that we stayed in! Riad Luciano and Spa)

Morning coffee never looked so good…I want this set up in my house!

The beautiful interior of our room

Traditional riad

Rugs…rugs and more rugs. I regret not taking one of these home! This is exactly what I’m looking for now.

Walls at the breathtakingly bare Palais El Badi (The incomparable palace)

Lamb thats cooked all morning underground..see picture below! You can find just a few of these stalls in Mechoui Alley (Thanks Ella for this recommendation!).

Street food…found these guys grilling sardines on coals. 

One of the many traditional community bread making houses

Just look at these colours…

Sticky date pudding with saffron AND the sorbets were Rose, Raspberry and Black Pepper + Berber Tea Flavour – Sage, Geranium, Marjoram, Wild Mint and Lemon at NOMAD

You can find these little store CHABI CHIC just downstairs from the restaurant NOMAD

After a few days we decided to leave Marrakech for the time being and rent a car to drive west towards Essaouira, on the coast of Morocco. It was our little adventure, we drove through small villages and their busy markets, empty suburbs and places we definitely wouldn’t want to break down in. After a couple hours of driving we found ourselves at Villa Anouk… a beldi chic sanctuary. This was one of our favourite stays during our honeymoon. The food, cooked by Anouks partner was THE BEST tagine I’ve ever had in my life. I really want the recipes…(Anouk if you’re reading this please share your chicken tagine recipe). They also served this tomato and capsicum diced salad…I am salivating just thinking about how fresh and flavoursome their food was. We literally feasted at lunch and dinner…and the breakfast was also beyond imagination. The actual hotel is also really impressive, It was filled with so many beautiful and creative pieces. They also had 2 black dogs who were adorable!

After our stay at Villa Anouk, we went on to visit the actual town of Essaouira..and explore it’s blue and white coloured streets. We loved this place… the medina, the smell of the coast mixed with a Morrocan town and parts of a Fortress was really interesting. There were little seafood stalls along next to the fish market and just so many blue doors I couldn’t stop taking photos of..you will see my obsession below! The vibe was definitely way more relaxed to Marrakech, so I would say come here when you need a break from the crazy medina in Marrakech! Essaouira is also a town where you will find lots of boutique cafes and shops. The sunsets are unreal, especially over the brass cannons that are on the edge of the fortress and ocean. You can watch the sunset from any rooftop bar or restaraunt. It’s magical…and the port area reminded me a little bit of Portugal.

The most beautiful lunch setting at Villa Anouk

After our coastal adventure, we drove all the way to the Atlas Mountains. Where we stayed at this gorgeous berber lodge style villa Kasbah Babourika. Originally a berber lodge, the hotel was built around the berber structure. The interior and gardens of this place were incredible…it was like a dream staying at Babourika. They also had the most delicious organic garden salads. We spent the afternoon there swimming and lazing around looking out into the Atlas Mountains that were changing colours and shades all day. Of course though, we couldn’t just laze around the pool for another day so we decided to drive another 3 hours to Ait Ben Haddou and then back again 3 hours to Marrakech for the final 3 nights (we are a bit crazy). So 6 hours just in one day to see this place…but we didn’t really want to stay near Ait Ben Haddou because it was no joke…50 degrees heat with really really dry air. The drive though was worth it, and we drove through the crazy spiral road past berber lodges, sandy mountains, fruit stalls, tiny villages and rugs that I WISH WE BOUGHT!

Ait Ben Haddou really is magnificent. It’s an Ingrem which is a fortified village and a UNESCO world heritage site. I took a few pictures of it (below) and then we just had a simple lunch next to it in one of the restaurants.

That was definitely the most adventurous part of our trip, driving through the mountains to the foot of the desert and back to Marrakech all in 1 day. The final 3 days in Marrakech were spent just relaxing next to the pool and trying out new restaurants. The ideal way to end our Moroccan honeymoon adventure!

I would love to travel to Morocco again, and explore more parts of it. It was just so much to take in! We spent a total of 8 nights there which is a great amount of time. Theres just a lot to soak in so it can be a bit overwhelming and intense but if you find a nice balance of moving around and just relaxing at your villa then that would be my recommendation if you’re planning a honeymoon in Morocco. Hiring a car was great too, there are a couple of rental car places just at the airport.

Kasbah Babourika .. our villa

Ait Ben Haiddou

Beldi Chic Country Club (great for lunch and a swim)

Selman Marrakech

Moroccan Pastries

Pool days


Marrakesh Medina

Riad Luciano and Spa

Outside of Essaouria

Villa Anouk

Centre of Essaouria

Riad Dar Maya

Atlas Mountains

Kasbah Babourika

Around Marrakesh (outside of the medina)

Tigmiza Suites & Pavillons

Selman Hotel