As a Sydney based food content creator, I work with brands offering my skills as a recipe developer/tester, food writer and photographer.

My early career began after completing a double degree at the University of Technology Sydney – Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Business in Tourism. I worked with brands in the travel. events and business industry focussing on marketing.

I pursued an opportunity to partake in Masterchef Australia 2016, as a contestant. Following this experience I focussed on gaining more food knowledge by doing work experience at various Sydney based restaurants. Shortly after I began creating food content and worked with different brands to showcase their produce and their products (please contact me directly if you would like to receive my media kit). I have worked on projects with supermarkets, food and wine products, meal delivery brands and more.

I also started ByAna because I wanted a place to share my love for food and culture. Here you will find weekly recipes and articles + videos about food, travel and lifestyle topics. You can also find a collection of my work in the portfolio section. 

The food and recipes I create are based strongly on various cultures and seasons, whether it’s fast or slow cooking I like to create recipes that are inspired by traditional, cultural cooking. Currently, I’m writing a book about the food of Belarus. 

Some of the brands that I work/ed with include:

Harris Farm Markets

Hello Fresh

Lifestyle Food

Cocotribe Yoghurt

Diemens Hot Sauce


Jansz Tasmania

Burraduc Buffalo Cheese

Bodega Osborne

Cinco Jotas Jamon

Work with me

I offer the following services:

  • Food photography
  • Recipe development
  • Food styling
  • Food writing

If you would like to work or collaborate with me please contact me by email.

Email: info@byana.com.au