My name is Anastasia Zolotarev and I’m a recipe writer and photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I started ByAna because I wanted to combine my love for food, it’s connection to lifestyle and travel and creating content. Here you will find weekly recipes and articles + videos about food, travel and lifestyle topics. You can also find a collection of my work in the portfolio section.

Having previously worked in marketing and loving it I felt I wanted to pursue a future with food. I had the most amazing opportunity to take part in Masterchef Australia 2016. Following this experience I focussed on creating food content and working with different brands to showcase their produce and their products (please contact me directly if you would like to receive my media kit).

The food and recipes that I create are based strongly on various cultures and simplicity, whether it’s fast or slow cooking I like to create recipes that are inspired by traditional and cultural food concepts. I was born in Belarus & lived in Ukraine up until the age of 5 when my family and I moved to Australia. I think the change and access to such a variety of food cultures mixed with my heritage created a big impact on the way I looked at ingredients, flavours and the story behind food. Now I still love learning about where produce comes from, how it’s grown and how it can be used

Work with me

I offer the following services:

  • Food photography
  • Travel and Lifestyle photography
  • Recipe development
  • Food styling
  • Food writing

If you would like to work or collaborate with me please contact me by email.

Email: info@byana.com.au