27 Mar 2019

Minimise plastic in the kitchen

I wanted to share a post about plastic in the kitchen as I’m currently working on minimising plastic in all parts of my house. Recently I was standing in a big supermarket and came to the realisation that nearly everything was packaged in plastic. It’s crazy to think how reliant we have become on this cheap form of packaging. It’s almost impossible to go plastic free when so many items that we need and use in every day life is wrapped in I began researching my options and I thought maybe I can encourage a few others to also reduce plastic in their daily lives. Reducing all plastic is not something we can fix over night…but I’m optimistic just some small changes and tweaks around my own home and maybe the homes of other people can help our plastic problem. 

27 Sep 2017

Our Moroccan Honeymoon

Our Moroccan honeymoon adventure began in Marrakech. The colours, the intense heat, and the sounds of the medina were very much around us as soon as our taxi dropped us off from the airport. To get to our hotel we had to walk past shops, traditional bakeries, tiny alleyways and through a very small door to find our little riad.

08 Aug 2017

Monte Argentario, Italy

We’ve just come back from summer in Europe and this place – Monte Argentario, was one of the last stops of our trip. It’s everything you dream of about an Italian summer.

22 May 2017

Exploring the food of Spain: Jamon

We set out on this journey through Spain to visit one of a kind producers and Jamon was number one on my list. Jamon is found in every corner in Spain and I wanted to find out how this cured meat and delicacy is created. So we organised to visit Cinco Jotas…the producers, masters and creators of jamon from Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Ham.

04 Jan 2017

Carriageworks farmers market

Last week I went to the Carriageworks Christmas Market. We were there from start to finish…we didn’t want it to end!

21 Dec 2016

DIY Christmas ornaments

Happy Wednesday guys! Last night I made these walnut Christmas ornaments which I think is such a good little activity to do during Christmas time. It’s so lovely just to sit down and get crafty.

18 Oct 2016

How to host a winter lunch

Winter is a season I’ve learnt to love. It’s the time to slow down, as nature and the rest go to sleep there is always a sense of calm, less noise, less movement.