Category: TRAVEL

16 Feb 2018

Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Our journey began at the Kiev train station in Ukraine. We were catching an overnight sleeper train all the way down to Mukachevo, a city in Transcarpathia. Feasting on an overnight train is crucial to anyone travelling in any country through Eastern Europe. It’s one of the best experiences and we started this trip with a feast like no other.

27 Sep 2017

Our Moroccan Honeymoon

Our Moroccan honeymoon adventure began in Marrakech. The colours, the intense heat, and the sounds of the medina were very much around us as soon as our taxi dropped us off from the airport. To get to our hotel we had to walk past shops, traditional bakeries, tiny alleyways and through a very small door to find our little riad.

31 Aug 2017


First destination, Rome.

We arrived early in the morning. Eager, excited, I couldn’t wait to show my mum Rome. There are 2 European cities that I am in love with…Seville & Rome. Like most people, I find spending a few days soaking up Italian life is good for the soul. Enjoying plenty of wine, pasta, pizza around cobblestone streets with ridiculously incredible looking walls, is my idea of perfectly spent days. I will take any opportunity to do that.

08 Aug 2017

Monte Argentario, Italy

We’ve just come back from summer in Europe and this place – Monte Argentario, was one of the last stops of our trip. It’s everything you dream of about an Italian summer.

22 May 2017

Exploring the food of Spain: Jamon

We set out on this journey through Spain to visit one of a kind producers and Jamon was number one on my list. Jamon is found in every corner in Spain and I wanted to find out how this cured meat and delicacy is created. So we organised to visit Cinco Jotas…the producers, masters and creators of jamon from Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Ham.

23 Feb 2017

Food and wine tour of Tasmania

A few days ago I finally went to visit Tasmania with my Grandma. We used to do these little trips around every year and hadn’t done one for quite a while so thought it was about time. I had heard from everyone Tassie is incredible and great for fresh produce and wine. So it was nice to see what everyone talked about!

03 Jan 2017

Summer Roadtrip

Happy New Year!!

This week we had a week off so decided to go for a road trip along the north coast of NSW. We drove about 8 hours north from Sydney during which we stopped off at different destinations. This is what we got up to!

26 Nov 2016

Food Guide to Seville

Everyone loves to eat out in Seville. It’s the sunshine, it’s the culture, it’s the only way it can be, because people there love to live well..and that means with a cold cerveza in hand and a good plate of jamon on the side.